10 par, które złamały wszystkie stereotypy o tym, jak powinien wyglądać idealny związek!

Idealna relacja jest wtedy, gdy dwie osoby naprawdę się kochają. Jest to jedyny wymóg. Ale z jakiegoś powodu wiele osób wciąż jest zaskoczonych, gdy widzą ludzi o różnym wzroście, wadze, narodowości i tak dalej.

1. Rodzina Fernandes de Silva

2. Anton Kraft i China Bell


3. David Sikorski i jego burrito

4. Victor Hugo i Gabriela Peralta

5. Verne Troyer i Genevieve Gallen

6. Desiree Longabaugh poślubiła siebie


7. Elisany da Silva Cruz i Francinaldo da Silva Carvalho

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8. Gloria Shuri Henry i Ali Lawrie

Just came back from a great weekend away in York and Harrogate and Ali and I finally remembered to take a picture together!! We took the inlaws to the York Dungeon (thanks so much for having us!!), had my first schnitzel from Betty's (I've already had the Welsh rarebit) was "forced" to go into the Imaginarium (I didn't buy anything even though I wanted it ALL) had my FIRST EVER steak pie from #MichaelsBrasserie, and we saw Let's Twist Again in Harrogate last night! Ali tried to act like he didn't wanna be there but tell me why he was dancing in the aisles with me to Elvis songs 😎 I tried twirling him but he wasn't having it so it kinda looked like awkward standing air arm wrestling 😂😂😂on a related note in the sense that I wanted to just enjoy this little trip: I stayed off social media all weekend and you'd be surprised with how good it felt to be away with all of my apps in one folder at the back of my phone LOL. I wish we were still in York and didn't come home to a flooded flat though… my little office is soaked and I'm really upset but thought I would share this bit of happiness I got to experience with people I love. #glerpadventures

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9. Najmniejsza para na świecie Paulo i Katyucia​​​​​​​

10. Ashley Stevens i Christopher Reed

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