20 ryzykowne zdjęcia, których nikt nie odważy się powtórzyć!

Niektórzy ryzykują życie, inni przestają być wybredni, a reszta próbuje namówić przyjaciół do tych dziwnych eksperymentów. A wszystko to w celu zdobycia popularności na Instagramie. Stworzyliśmy listę, która zaczyna się zupełnie niewinnie i kończy na niewiarygodnie szalonych zdjęciach.



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regram @popmyeyes Fish face 🐟 By @lomokev

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Body language 🦀 #USA | 📷: @dizzycrane #WonderfulWorld

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Sorry! I’m kind of busy now! ❤️ @mikaelcastro

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regram @messinaphotos 🐸 This "Oregon Trail" set is now live in @lucysmagazine and I couldn't have been more grateful to this team! It isn't every day that you have an epic frog-catching, singing assistant like @matt_glencoco. And it DEFINITELY isn't every day that all three models in a shoot are willing to have those wriggly green things on their faces — so special thanks to @arosevan @pip.pip and @chloe.kramer (pictured) for going the distance, lol! Plus, this entire part of the shoot almost didn't happen and these ladies stayed longer to shoot some extra looks, which @bethlevelartistry had to completely re-do the girls' faces for. And of course @synethetes is the creative genius who made this insane colorful fun come true. So thankful to you guys ❤🐸

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Congrats to our newly certified Level 2 teachers!🎉 We feel so blessed to have such a stellar team of superheroes represent #ACROVINYASA all around the world. These past few weeks were an absolute blast – imagine bringing all the X-Men & Avengers together in Bali to play, share and practice for 12+ hours a day. What was the result? The "impossible" becoming "I'm-possible" on a daily basis. Mama & papa are are super proud! 👫💛 Now it's time to spread your wings and save the world… one foot-to-foot at a time. 👊🏼 #AVTT7 . @diceyoga @saraweeyogic @jessica.r.sinclair @rachelngyoga @jessicaleeyoga @taylorjyoga @rynodevin @gravityliftgoffyoga @antonella_zabaglio @friess_sebastian @schaninse @jessieyogahill @ms_yogini @carinlim59 @yogasequence @allie.rimanic @spangledmoose @ryan_purinawa @ced_acroyoga @xinyunliushui @songxiaolei1978

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regram @agameoftones Team Feature @pixelville #AGameofTones x #PortraitGames

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COME STUDY AND PLAY WITH US! Immersive teacher trainings are at the core of what we do and what we are most passionate about. Guidance and education about the art of teaching yoga is what most students come for, but what they walk away with is deep transformation. We love formulating our life experience into bitesize pieces that are digestible and easy to apply into everyday life. Mastering the craft of teaching yoga whilst striving for freedom and prosperity requires guidance and practice… and that's exactly what we do! Want to study, play and get certified with us? Check out yogabeyond.com for details about our upcoming teacher trainings: • 100hr AVTT 2-14 Nov /Bali • 200hr YTT 4-28 Mar /Bali • 100hr AVTT 2-14 Apr /Bali • 300hr YTT 21Jun- 18Jul /Thailand

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Over Hong Kong! 364m

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What is your creative outlet??📝📚🎥🎨🎭🍽💃 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "The one thing that you have that nobody else has is YOU. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance and live as only you can."💖 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We're all creators in some form. How do you like to create? Singing? Cooking? Acting? Music? Dance? Art? Writing? For me, art, design and photography are how I'm creating and sharing my story✨Tell me about you?? • • • #hongkonginsta #DiscoverHongKong #visualhongkong #hongkong_visit #unseenhongkong #hongkonghiking #womenwhoexplore #RadGirlsLife #womenwhohike #peoplewhohike #hikingculture #thehikemovement #optoutside #girlslovetravel #girlsthatwander #iamtb #girlgetters #shetravelz #backpackerstory #backpackerslife #speechlessplaces #andshesdopetoo #travelstoke #allaboutadventures #awesomelifestyle #lonelyplanet #adventurista #thetravelwomen #ladiesgoneglobal

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