24 niezwykle piękne osoby, które wprawiają w zachwyt!

Piękno nie ma ścisłej definicji. Oczywiście, kochamy siebie, nasze ciała i myślimy o sobie jako o wspaniałych ludziach. Jednak wiemy także, jak docenić piękne cechy innych bardzo atrakcyjnych osób. Ci nieliczni są tak atrakcyjni, że stali się świadectwem piękna ludzkiego ciała i pochodzą ze wszystkich kontynentów, w różnych rozmiarach i wieku.

Oto ludzie, którzy wygrali loterię DNA.












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Storm Shoot London

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Longhair don’t care

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Happy! This morning I wake up and felt a push to go and shoot our new cashmere shades that made me jump from bed like so happy at the idea! Something I did not plan at all as I thought shooting toward end of the month in the Desert…at the volcano in Death Valley… My little voice told me to go on the trail close to Malibu Seafood that my friend @jackguyphotography pictured some days ago and that inspired me. It is the first time that I go in the Nature since the day of the fire 11/09… Total devastation…at first I didn’t felt confortable to shoot in this beautiful grey background in memory of the lives who vanished in the fires… looking for a spot to shoot I saw remains of animals who could not escape the fire , I felt emotional but I also saw the new green little leaves exploding everywhere in the ashes … symbol of resurrection, new start , new beginning… We are the image of Nature and have this power inside of us to rebuilt when broken … seing this and linking with the process I started to feel lighter and ready to shoot… Some hikers passed by and one of them asked me what I was doing making flying these colorful shawls … He thought I was doing a Ritual for the place .. I realized that it was in fact it was what I was doing by creating Beauty in desolation, transmutation… and it is true that I felt a lot of Love and compassion while shooting on that ground and inside had thoughts of Gratitude to be alive and to continue to witness about Beauty . While shooting I realized that in fact it was like being close to the volcano where I like to shoot in the Death Valley … This IPhone portrait of me has been taken some month ago by my friend @kellyaxelrad who was part of a collective shooting me included. Very natural light make up done by my so talented dear friend @laurengottmakeup .

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Stay sharp and far from timid!

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from the water

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