Utalentowana artystka makijażu zamienia się w postaci z kreskówek, a efekty szokują!

Sztuka makijażu nie oznacza już tylko nieskazitelnych, pięknych twarzy, ale zamiast tego przyjęła zupełnie nowe podejście z tym samym standardem dla doskonałości. Annie Thomas, bardzo utalentowana artystka makijażu, łączy w sobie miłość do kreskówek, pasję do makijażu i swoje artystyczne umiejętności, by wymyślić wspaniałe odtworzenia swoich ulubionych postaci z kreskówek, a rezultaty są niewiarygodnie realistyczne.






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The Corpse Bride 🐛 Swipe left to see it with the veil! I had an overwhelming amount of requests for this look, and I’m not gonna lie I’m not a fan of recreating characters that I’ve seen done multiple times because theres alot of pressure to capture it in a way that you haven’t seen before. I decided to just go for it anyway and hope you love it! Day 87 of #100daysofmakeup @mehronmakeup Paradise Paint in Light Blue, Dark Blue, Colbolt Blue & Pink @maccosmetics Chromacake in white @wolfefaceartfx HydroColor paint in Black @bennyemakeup Glam Shadow Palette in Twilight Blue, Graphite & Black for shading #corpsebride #corpsebridemakeup #halloweenmakeupideas #31daysofhalloween #makeuptransformation #sfxmakeupartist

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💉The Krusty Joker💣 “Do you wanna know how I got these scars?” Swipe left on the photo to see the original design, my progress shot & paper hair! I’m not the makeup artist that you need, but I’m the makeup artist that you deserve! 😂😂 I came across this image (swipe left to see the original design) that they sell on Shirtoid.com. I have never bought anything from this site so I can’t say that I support it, but I fell in love with this depiction of Krusty! He is one of my favorite characters to draw and paint because he is so esthetically pleasing to me as it is, but when I saw him as the joker I died! I hope that you guys love this one, and the mini tutorial will be up tomorrow! @bennyemakeup Glam Shadow Palette to map out the features and to fill in the mouth- shades: Black & Eggplant @mehronmakeup Paradise Palette @wolfefaceartfx HydroColor paints in black & white ✖️Card stock paper for the hair, nose, ears & hands #krusty #thesimpsons #thedarkknight #cartoonmakeup #creativemakeup #bodypainting

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💣Plankton💥 “F- is for fire that burns down the whole town U- is for uranium… BOMBS N-is for no survivors when you’re..” Instagram tutorial will be up tomorrow! I wanted to clue you guys in to my thought process for YouTube: Cartoon tutorials will always be my main inspiration but they take so much time to edit. Keep in mind that my body paintings take me anywhere from 4-7 hours to complete, so the editing process is double that for a full length video. The beauty videos take about 4 hours start to finish including editing. So my plan is to do two beauty videos for every cartoon makeup- meaning next Monday will be a cartoon look, then the next two weeks will be makeup looks. This allows me the time to keep creating new looks for you guys on here and the time to edit the long cartoons for YouTube in between the beauty videos. That was a long winded way of saying that I want to make as much content for you guys without burning myself out completely! 🤘🏼 @mehronmakeup Paradise Palette @wolfefaceartfx HydroColor paints in black & white ✖️Paper for the antenna, arms & control arms😜 #spongebobsquarepants #cartoonmakeup #creativemakeup #bodypainting #charactermakeup

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✨Cynthia✨ 🎶“She’s a really cool dancer, Cynthia boogie oogie to the groove now”🎶 I really wanted to recreate the look that skyrocketed my inspiration to focus on cartoon work within my body painting. I get a lot of questions on my back story and how I found my niche. The funny thing is- I never wanted to pursue a career in art because this was something that was so personal to me, and I was afraid that I would lose my escape if it became a job. As a kid I used to spend hours on end drawing cartoons and trying to perfect their proportions to make them look as accurate as possible. I loved the challenge that came along with drawing something that seemed so simplistic yet so complex because of the simplicity. Until a little less than a year ago I hadn’t drawn a cartoon since I was probably age 15, so it’s crazy how one thing can take you back to your first passion and continue it later on in life. I find such strange joy in fully embodying these characters and giving them life again, it’s a pure tribute to the simple happiness that cartoons bring. @mehronmakeup Paradise Palette @wolfefaceartfx HydroColor paints in black, white & light blue #cynthia #90skid #creativemakeup #cartoonmakeup #makeuptransformation

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