15 osób, które popisały się w Halloween!

Ponad 175 milionów Amerykanów i wielu innych w tym roku świętowało na całym świecie Halloween. Kiedy się przebieramy, niektórzy ludzie szukają przerażające stroje, inni inspirują się popularnymi postaciami, a inni przyjmują ich zabawną stronę. Niektórzy wkładają wielki wysiłek i kreatywność w swoje kostiumy.














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I’m an old fart. Happy #Halloween. 🎃

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Meet my sloth. I had to hide him for about a year in my closet but now he is finally allowed to step out in public. This has to be my favorite project ever so far. It consists of a padded under suit, full body fur suit, slippers with claws, extended claw gloves (which can move!) and the headpiece of course. I sculpted the head and casted it in silicone and punched all the face hair, added glass eyes. The suit was sewn with the help of my friend Alex because she’s way better and faster then me on the sewing machine! We figured out the proportions together and I could work on all the other pieces meanwhile. Please, go to my website for more pictures – propshopberlin.com. I am sure I will upload more photos on here in the future. Also a huge thank you to my good friend @dominikbutzmann for the amazing pictures..you can tell they’re a bit older by the look of my studio :) I also worked more on this after we did the pictures. Thank you Thilo for trusting me on this in the first place, it really is a dream come true. As stupid as this might sound, sloths mean a lot to me and they helped get back on track a few years ago when I had a tough time. I could talk about these creatures for hours, so if you have any questions (about the costume or sloths in general), don’t hesitate to ask🐒 It still makes me so happy every time I look at him and I hope I can put a smile on your face as well. Please, if you share any of those pictures, don’t forget to give credit. SLOTHLOVE🖤🖤🖤 (Btw, yes, it’s me wearing the costume. lol) / / @folivoralove @instasloths @sloth.day @diekuttner @odd_studio @wuendisch @theslothinstitute @jaguarrescuecentercr @simonegiertz @testedcom @therealadamsavage @samtrull / / / #sloth #sculpting #sculptor #cosplay #sculpture #kostümplastik #crafts #slothcostume #karolinehinz #karolinzky #maker #sewing #hairpunching #creature #makersgonnamake #faultier #airbrush #fursuit #sloths #slothlife #slothlove #diy #girlboss #propmaking #sfx #propshop #propshopberlin #claws #instasloth #costumedesign

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