12 wspaniałych mężczyzn, którzy sprawili, że zapomnieliśmy o standardach urody!

To wspaniałe, gdy życie daje ci premię: urodzisz się przystojnym mężczyzną lub przepiękną kobietą, jakbyś został stworzony zgodnie z zasadami kanonu urody. A jeszcze lepiej, jeśli w ogóle nie obchodzą cię te zasady, tak jak tych 12 mężczyzn z naszej kompilacji. Ci ludzie nie tylko zaakceptowali samych siebie takimi, jakimi są, ale także uczynili cały świat podobnymi do nich.

Uwielbiamy różnorodność tego świata i jesteśmy zdumieni ludźmi, którzy są tak pewni siebie, że potrafią znaleźć własny sposób wyrażania siebie.

1. Christiano, aktor

2. Bera, piosenkarz

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How are you spending your weekend? 🤗

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3. Moostapha, model


4. Sanele Junior Xaba, model

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Self love is Revolutionary!!!! I will never stress it enough, take some time to heal yourself. get to know who you are behind the mask, the layers, the quiet, the screams, the loss, the aching, the pain, the constant battle between humility and saving face. Underneath chaos, there's always war. Get to know what that is for you. When you realize you're a part of the problem you separate and tend to yourself better. practice forgiveness. Things that is/or has happened in your life is not your fact. The people you've lost, the jobs you couldn't keep, the drug addiction, giving your body to people who didn't deserve it, being taken advantage of, not knowing how to confront your own demons. this is not your fault. Get familiar with that. make peace with that. Hurt a little, it's in that pain you'll find your stages of grief that finally bring you home and center. Back to yourself and the worth you have through existing alone. You are DOPE, you are cared for, you are loved, you are everything circumstances have convinced you that you aren't. Allow that fire to start burning. My mom once told told me as a teen finding it hard to love myself that "There's salvation in finding love within your own body without having to reach outside of it" ANYWAYS!!! Tag someone who may need this. 🌹 Happy Friday

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5. Nikolay Matannov, sportowiec

6. „Hairfreaky long hair”, blogger

7. Samuel Friberg, blogger

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“Made an effort” 👔

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8. Kaine Buffonge, model

9. Zhengyang Zhang, model

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W Magazine by Steven Meisel.

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10. Karim Mousseau, model

11. Danil Kudryavtsev, model

12. Javier Botet, aktor

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