20 projektantów, którzy mają dar do tworzenia hitów!

Podczas gdy niektórzy projektanci starają się być wyjątkowi pod względem kreatywności, inni koncentrują się na użyteczności i wydajności. Na przykład tworzą buty sportowe z technologią samo-sznurowania, stylowy ogród wewnętrzny, który zapewnia zieleń przez cały rok, lody, które dbają o zęby lub cudowną lampę.

Jesteśmy pewni, że spodobają wam się te 20 fajne rozwiązania, które sprawią, że wasze życie stanie się o wiele łatwiejsze i jaśniejsze.






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If someone told you that every home in the future would have its own farm smack dab in the middle of the living room, that’d be a hard sell, wouldn’t it?! When you see this design called Aeva, however, it becomes a little easier to believe. Designed to blend in with your existing home atmosphere, the all-in-one system is capable of growing kale, spinach, herbs, tomatoes, strawberries – and just about anything else that you feel like growing 365 days a year. – Elegantly crafted from fine wood, chrome, and other premium materials, it nudges our preconceptions about how hydroponic systems should look scientific. The traditional credenza-style bottom looks familiar while the upper portion looks entirely contemporary. All of the working components are neatly tucked away and efficiently organized while the user’s favorite herbs and veggies add a touch of green to their living space. – Designers: Conner Tidd & Kevin Jakiela – For product innovation follow us @yankodesign (289K+)

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Puma’s FI (Fit Intelligence) sneakers are here, and they look slightly different. Where you’d expect the laces to criss-cross on the front sits a grey block. Inside it lies Puma’s self-lacing tech. A motor that operates the laces, and a control panel on the top that lets you slide upwards to tighten and downwards to loosen the footwear. – “PUMA was the first to craft a laceless sports shoe with Velcro™ straps in 1968, the first to put a computer inside a shoe in 1986 and the first to introduce a wirelessly connected adaptive fit shoe called AutoDisc in 2016. Ever since, we’ve worked tirelessly on improving the functionality, the user interface and the durability of the shoe. The result: a technology that is smarter, lighter and more commercial.” – Following the trend first set by Nike (after they made their version of the self-lacing sneakers from Back To The Future), Puma’s FI are perhaps a more evolved, more acceptable form of the technology. The shoe comes with a breathable upper that allows it to be worn in most active scenarios, and an industrial grade fiber replaces the laces, wrapping around the sides of the shoe, tightening it effectively. – The FI’s all set to launch as early as 2020, and will come with an app that lets you remotely tighten or loosen the shoe. We’ve got our reservations on the idea of an app that controls your shoe, but the self-lacing shoe itself could be exceptionally useful for specially-abled users or even children! – Designer: Puma – Follow us @yankodesign (369K+) for product design news and @yankodesignselect for buyable designs.

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The challenge with washing a knife is cleaning the blade without cutting anything. I’ve spoiled a hundred sponges and scouring pads trying to scrub a knife blade only to have the blade actually slice across the sponge, leaving a cut in it. Within twenty washes, your sponge is a fine shredded mince. – Joseph Joseph’s BladeBrush tackles the problem with the company’s signature innovative style. The U-shaped brush comes with bristles on both ends, strong enough to scrub any grime off the blade, even getting in between serrations. The bristles make a perfect choice not only because they do a remarkable job cleaning the blade, but also because the blade doesn’t really slice through them, since they flex. The BladeBrush works perfectly with any sort of blade and even with cutlery, making the cleaning process easier… and it keeps your hands clean too, since you’re holding a textured rubber grip around a plastic frame, and not a soapy sponge! – Buy Now: $8 @josephjosephofficial – For product innovation follow us @yankodesign (264K+)

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