23 projekty, które zmieniły zwykłe rzeczy w prawdziwe arcydzieła!

Dobry projektant wie, że udany produkt musi być zarówno przydatny, jak i wizualnie atrakcyjny. Nawet jeśli sam produkt jest tak prosty, jak to tylko możliwe, właściwe podejście do jego projektu sprawi, że będzie on nieodparty. Szal ze skrzydłami motyla, widelce, które są kolcami jeża, makaron przypominający włosy lub butelki ze skórką bananów – projektanci po prostu nie stoją w miejscu! Ciągle przynoszą nam niesamowite pomysły, a my nie możemy oderwać od nich wzroku!

Korzystamy z kreatywnych zwrotów w prostych rzeczach, które nas otaczają, dlatego znaleźliśmy najbardziej wyjątkowe przykłady genialnych projektów dla Ciebie. Nie możemy się doczekać, aby je udostępnić!









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Plitvitze Un dia en un arranque de locura @desireedelgado y yo nos fuimos a Croacia a la locura absoluta casi de una semana para otra xD Fue poco tiempo, muy a las prisas, y lo pillamos todo un poco masificado, pero conseguimos hacer algunas fotos tan bonitas como esta 💚 ¿ Que lugares os gustaria fotografiar ? ¿ Cuales me recomendariais? Estoy ya planeando mi viaje de este verano y me esta costando decidir! . . . . #keepitwild #liveoutdoors #OurPlanetDaily #NakedPlanet #TheGlobeWanderer #discoverearth #awesomeearth #VentureOut #beautifuldestinations #wildernessculture #travelstoke #bestvacations #earthofficial #instagoodmyphoto @instagood #livefolk #liveauthentic @folkmagazine #huffpostgram #Welivetoexplore #peoplescreatives #passionpassport  #resourcetravel

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Aside from having what I believe is the most clever product name possible, the OilAddin is appropriate in absolutely every way, because it takes inspiration from the oil lamps used back in the olden days, and uses it as a snout/pourer for an oil bottle! (Side note, I just realized it’s a combination of the words Oil+Add+In and I’m honestly shook) – Made entirely out of silicone and with the signature yellow that one would instantly associate with the Disney animated classic, the Oiladdin allows you to easily pour oil onto your dishes in a small, controlled stream. It even prevents dripping, given its snout shaped opening. The soft construction allows it to securely fit into almost all glass bottles, while the upper part of the lamp can be pressed down to even shut the bottle, preventing oil from spilling everywhere if knocked over. Now who wouldn’t want something so beautiful, functional, nostalgic, and playful in their kitchen?! – It’s a shame this one doesn’t grant wishes though. – Designer: @pelegdesign – Follow us @yankodesign (441K+) for product design news and @yankodesignselect for buyable designs.

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It is very endearing to receive a bouquet of flowers, but quite cumbersome to keep them properly after you’ve enjoyed their glory after the first few minutes. Typically wrapped in a glossy sheet of plastic paper, you need to first find the vase and then dunk the stems into water… you know the drill. The BouquetPOT saves you all this effort and becomes a make-shift pot for your flowers. The packaging is made from biodegradable pulp and it simply overturns to become a pot. If the flowers are the kinds that can grow for a longer period, simply shift the packaging to a larger pot and see it degenerate as an organic fertilizer to the plant. Thus completing its lifecycle. Very Nice! – Designer: Niangui Cai – Follow us @yankodesign (350K+) for product design news and @yankodesignselect for buyable designs.

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Happy xmas to all of you! 🎄🎄🎄

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Kishu collection, oxidized copper and ethically sourced silver, Maya Selway, 6” h, London, 2012. Kishu vase pictured first, Kishu bottles and bowl pictured second. . The vase was later manufactured for the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) product collection (2015) as the Trace collection “featur[ing] delicate objects that resemble interrupted drawings brought to life. Made in India of hand-finished powder-coated metal and brushed steel.” . About Maya Selway (@mayaselway): “From an artistic family and after creative explorations in prop making, silversmithing, and sculpture she has come to settle on jewellery for its ability to relate to human experience. And so her art has found its way, not into the confines of the gallery but into the universal language of precious jewels.” . #MayaSelway #Kishucollection #Tracecollection #3Ddrawing #metalsculpture #nonclaypots

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