Artystka pokazuje, na czym naprawdę polega prawdziwa miłość!

Miłość składa się z wielu małych rzeczy i nie wszystkie z nich są zawsze piękne i idealne. Amanda Oleander, artystka z Los Angeles, dużo wie o tych rzeczach, ale nie boi się ich pokazać. W swojej pracy ilustruje te wszystkie drobne szczegóły, takie jak jedzenie poza domem lub mycie zębów, które składają się na codzienne życie większości par. Właśnie dlatego jej ilustracje są dla każdego z nas tak bliskie.

Zebraliśmy 17 rysunków wykonanych przez Amandę, które pokazują, jak wygląda miłość za zamkniętymi drzwiami.






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Drawing 20/100 of the drawing a day for 100 days challenge. People would say “wait until the honeymoon phase is over”… then they said, wait until you move in together, it gets rough. Then they said wait until you are married. We are going into our 5th year and I am deeper in love with everything you are. You make everyday so fun, you are a light to every room you walk into. I’m so thankful I have the privilege to be in most of those rooms. I look forward to the magic you bring to every day, I love you. I will continue to tell you every day in words, made up songs, sleepily in the middle of the night when you leave just to pee and through my art. Thank you for existing @joeyrudman. —————————————— Title: Piggy Back Rides

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Drawing 63/100 of the drawing a day for 100 days challenge. Scars are like secret road maps to someone’s history, those include the ones you cannot see. I feel that sharing scar stories is a bonding experience. Feel free to share below if you’d like. 💓 Happy Sunday! . . . Title: Show me your scars ——————————————————— Título: Muéstrame tus cicatrices ——————————————————— Título: Mostre-me suas cicatrizes ——————————————————— Titolo: Fammi vedere le tue cicatrici ——————————————————— Titre: Montre-moi tes cicatrices ——————————————————— Название: Покажите мне ваши шрамы ——————————————————— زخم هایت را به من نشان بده ——————————————————— العنوان: اعرض لي ندوبك ——————————————————— Just posted the Time-Lapse of this drawing on my Instagram story 🎨✨

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Drawing 79/100 of the drawing a day for 100 days challenge. We are back from Bora Bora! Whattt a trip!!! A lot of laughs, dreamlike filled days, beautiful sunsets, crazy fun adventures like swimming with wild sharks and stingrays, a plethora of vitamin D, a scary moment, a bee sting and lotsssss of croissants. After a boat ride and two plane rides we came straight home, took a really long nap and recorded our honeymoon podcast episode half asleep and loopy but it was really fun to document it while it was still fresh. Podcast episode is up! We answered all of your questions including the most popular question : price breakdowns. I came back so motivated and excited to work on the new drawings swirling around in my mind and fun projects I’m working on in the next couple months. I hope everyone is having an awesome weekend! Live streaming tonight for those that would like to hangout with us virtually. P.S thanks @joeyrudman for always letting me drool on you. 😊💧 ——————————————— Title: Flights With You

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